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1 Quick Start Guide

Chapter 1
Quick Start Guide

On Ubuntu amd64,

apt-get install git ant gcc g++ gcc-multilib g++-multilib bison automake gettext libtool

Then check your Java version. If you are using JDK 7, either ensure you are building a Jikes RVM version 3.1.3 or switch to JDK 6.


git clone https://github.com/JikesRVM/JikesRVM.git jikesrvm 
cd jikesrvm

You can then build with Ant using

ant -Dconfig.name=prototype-opt -Dhost.name=x86_64-linux 
./dist/prototype-opt_x86_64-linux/rvm -version

or with buildit

bin/buildit -j /usr/lib/jvm/default-java localhost prototype-opt 
./dist/prototype-opt_x86_64-linux/rvm -version