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Jikes RVM Team

The Jikes RVM team is responsible for creating or applying the improvements that go into the releases of Jikes RVM. The current team is:

Past Jikes RVM Team Members

The following people have greatly contributed to the success of the Jikes RVM project by
having served as Jikes RVM team members:

Contributions From Jikes RVM Community

The Jikes RVM project sincerely thanks the following people who have made contributions to the system:

Software Used by Jikes RVM

Jikes RVM uses either the class libraries produced by the GNU Classpath project or Apache Harmony.

Thanks to David R. Hanson, Christoper W. Fraser, and Todd Proebsting for making available the iburg tool, which we’ve enhanced for use in Jikes RVM.

Thanks to Atlassian and Sourceforge for providing hosting services.

Thanks to the GCC Compile Farm Project for providing access to PPC machines for free software development.

Thanks to Ben Walding and Bob McWhirter from Openxource who provided hosting services to the Jikes RVM project via Codehaus in the past.

The Jalapeño Research Project

Jikes RVM was independently developed as part of the Jalapeño research project at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center. The following IBM Research employees, academic visitors, and student co-ops contributed to the early releases of Jikes RVM: