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Mailing Lists

The main form of communication for the Jikes RVM project is through mailing lists. The following table contains the mailing lists established for this project.

List Name Description Subscribe Unsubscribe Archive
jikesrvm-announce Low volume list for Announcements Subscribe Unsubscribe Archive
jikesrvm-researchers General discussion of Jikes RVM (including user support, design, implementation, issues, and plans). Questions on this list are answered by users of Jikes RVM and core team members. Subscribe Unsubscribe Archive
jikesrvm-core Discussion of day-to-day development and design among Jikes RVM core team members Subscribe Unsubscribe Archive
jikesrvm-commits Notification list for changes to the Git repositories Subscribe Unsubscribe Archive
jikesrvm-regression Notification list for test results generated by regression testing Subscribe Unsubscribe Archive
jikesrvm-issues Notification list for messages generated by the Issue Tracking software Subscribe Unsubscribe Archive


If you are not sure which mailing list is the right one, use jikesrvm-researchers. Do not post the same message to multiple mailing lists.

Please introduce yourself when posting for the first time. You should also state your affiliation (e.g. your university) if it’s not obvious from your email address.

Please read How To Ask Questions The Smart Way if you are unfamiliar with interactions in open source projects.