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Regression Tests

Regression tests are run every day with Jenkins and reports are sent out to the regression mailing list. Both Jenkins and the machines are currently only accessible by the core development team.

Look here if you are looking for how to run the provided automated tests on your machines.

Feel free to ask on the mailing lists if you’re curious about our Jenkins setup.

PowerPC machines for development

If you need access to a PowerPC machine for development, consider contacting the GCC Compile Farm. The GCC compile farm is an independent project that provides access to shared hardware for free software developers.

All PPC machines that are available at the moment are 64-bit:

Machine OS Notes
gcc110 Fedora 20 IcedTea 7 with PPC64 JIT
gcc112 Fedora 21 PPC64 little endian (which we don’t support right now), IcedTea 8 with PPC64 JIT preinstalled as standard JDK

Depending on the machine you want to use, you may have to reconfigure the JDK that Ant uses. This can be done by creating an .antrc file (e.g. in your home directory).

Example .antrc


A JAVACMD entry changes the JDK that is used to run Ant. (Note: this cannot be a JRE as Ant needs a JDK.)

You can use an ANT_OPTS entry to pass additional arguments to the started VM if necessary.