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Projects Using Jikes RVM


dJVM is a project at Australian National University Department of Computer Science to develop a high-performance and distributed Java implementation. Patches to the Jikes RVM version 2.2.0 are available.


The JAMAICA project, at the University of Manchester, has created parallelization optimizations to run the Jikes RVM on parallel resources. In particular the JAMAICA project targets its own CMP architecture.


Parakeet is an open source Parrot VM that is built upon the Jikes RVM. Parrot bytecode will be used in the implementation of Perl 6. With Parakeet it is possible to test Jikes RVM optimisation, garbage collection and thread management techniques with Perl code, as well as for other languages at have been ported to use the Parrot intermediate form.


PearColator is an open source emulator that uses binary translation. It is unlike existing emulators and dynamic binary translators, such as QEMU, Bochs and PearPC, in that it performs the advanced and adaptive compilation phases found in the Jikes RVM. The improvements in instruction selection and register allocation lead PearColator’s performance to better than more established emulators. Work is under way to increase its support for operating system calls and computer peripherals. PearColator stems from research by the JAMAICA project.

Mobile Jikes RVM

The mobile Jikes RVM allows for the strong migration of threads amongst JVMs using a mobility layer.


Steamloom is the first VM implementation ever to natively support dynamic aspects.