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Below is a list of all dissertations that use Jikes RVM. We strongly encourage authors to utilize the Research Archive to publish source code used in their studies, and thus, allow others to build on their results. For information on reviewed papers, see the main Publications page.


SIAAM: Simple Isolation for an Abstract Actor Machine


The Design and Construction of High Performance Garbage Collectors


Locality Aware Zeroing: Exploiting Both Hardware and Software Semantics


G arbage Collection and the Case for High-level Low-level Programing


Diagnosing and Tolerating Bugs in Deployed Systems

Fast, Effective Program Analysis for Object-Level Parallelism

Profiling Techniques for Performance Analysis and Optimization of Java Applications

Three Pitfalls in Java Performance Evaluation

Programming with Transactional Memory

Automatic Parallelization for Graphics Processing Units in JikesRVM

The Issue of Strong Mobility: an Innovative Approach based on the IBM Jikes Research Virtual Machine


Adaptive Parallelization and Optimization for the JAMAICA Chip Multi-Processor Architecture

Runtime Value Specialization

Emulating the ARM Architecture Using a Java Dynamic Binary Translator

Configurable JVM Threading


Concurrency abstractions for object-oriented programming languages using optimistic protocols

An improved generational copying garbage collector

Quantifying and Improving the Performance of Garbage Collection

Memory Management Strategies to Improve the Space-Time Performance of Java Programs

A Java Virtual Machine Extended to Run Parrot Bytecode

Design and Implementation of a Baseline port of the Jikes Research Virtual Machine to the IA-64 Architecture

Adding an Interpreter to the Jikes RVM

Parallelizing the Jikes Research Virtual Machine

Dynamically Improving Program Locality on-the-Fly


An X86 Emulator Written Using Java

Jikes RVM voor een 64-bit x86 platform

Virtual Machine Support for Aspect-Oriented Programming Languages

Understanding Program Performance Using Temporal Vertical Profiling

A Space-Aware AMD64 Port of Jikes RVM

Memory Management in JikesNode Operating System


Automatically Constructing Compiler Optimization Heuristics Using Supervised Learning

A Java Virtual Machine For The ARM Processor

JikesNODE: A Java Operating System

Connectivity-Based Garbage Collection

Native Code Execution Within a JVM

Partial Redundancy Elimination for Global Value Numbering

Jikes RVM Adaptive Optimization System with Intelligent Algorithms


Incorporating Domain-Specific Information into the Compilation Process

Jikes Research Virtual Machine - design and implementation of a 64-bit PowerPC port

JMTk: A portable memory management toolkit

A Framework for Optimistic Program Optimization


Online Profiling and Feedback-Directed Optimization of Java

Data Reorganization for Improving Cache Performance of Object-Oriented Programs


Reducing Load Delay to Improve Performance of Internet-Computing Programs


Dynamic Optimization through the use of Automatic Runtime Specialization