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Below is a list of some of the courses that have been run using the Jikes RVM.

Advanced Compiler Techniques (Fall ‘06)

Compiler Design and Optimization (Fall’ 06)

Optimizing Compilers (Fall ‘05)

Advanced Run Time Systems (Fall ‘04)

Advanced Compiler Techniques (Fall ‘04)

Advanced Object-Oriented Programming (Fall ‘04)

Advanced Compilers (Spring ‘04)

Advanced Dynamic Memory Management (Fall ‘03)

Memory Management (Fall ‘03)

Compiler Design and Optimization (Fall ‘03)

Advanced Compilers (Spring ‘03)

Optimizing Compilers (Spring ‘03)

Advanced Optimizing Compilers (Spring ‘03)

Binary Editing and Dynamic Compilation (Spring ‘03)

Compiler and Run-Time Analysis for Software Productivity Tools (Spring ‘03)

Implementations of Modern Programming Languages (Winter ‘03)

Advanced Topics in Compilers - Dynamic Re-Compilation (Winter ‘03)

Advanced Compiler Techniques (Fall ‘02)

Graduate Seminar (Fall ‘02)

Object-Oriented Language Implementation (Spring ‘02).

Compiler Construction (Modern Language Processors (Spring ‘02)

Implementations of Modern Programming Languages (Winter ‘02)

Programming Languages and Compilers in Systems and Architecture (Spring ‘02).